Using Windows To Be A More Productive Realtor

Every realtor out there wants to sell more houses.

And they want their computer to always be working well enough to not impede their workflow so that this can happen.

However windows can pose problems for some of us as it is prone to problems.

Hopefully this article will share some details of how I avoid windows 7 getting the best of me!

I also want to give a shout out to my friend who clued me into a few of these apps, a realtor who specializes in real estate in oxford ms! Thanks man!


This is a great tool for when you need a client to sign an important document, but they don’t live in the same area as you do.

It will require that the client create their own account and confirm their identity, but after that they can use the full features of DotLoop.

Highly recommended! 

PDF Escape

This helps you sign signatures to PDFs when a program like DotLoop can’t easily override the coding of the file.

You will more than likely need this program as many clients won’t have the same word processor as use, and many are even starting to use Pages (apple’s version of Word).

Open Home Pro

This is valuable if you depend on getting valuable lead info from open houses, but don’t want manually input it into whatever email service you use.

With this app, all you need is an iPad.

With that the open house attendees will put their info into the appropriate forms and thus no need for extra work later on.

Yes we know we’re supposed to be giving you more productive ways to use Windows, but with an app as useful as this is you’d be willing to use Apple products.

Video Editing Software Like iMovie or Adobe Premier Pro

Marketing your listings online is a necessity nowadays, especially if you aren’t going to depend on Zillow for doing all the heavy lifting for you.

More than likely you have a video camera on your phone which can make videos like the one you see below…..

Start making videos of your properties and upload it to YouTube after editing them together!

It’s a lot easier than you think, and it’ll give your newest prospects something to look at later on. 


If you get tired of going from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to Google Plus and whatever else…..

Then this app will help you keep everything in one place.

But remember that your followers want unique content on each channel more than likely, which is more work but a good sign to the people who want to hear from you that may be folllowing you on more than one channel.

This is a website that’ll give you all the details about a property that may ever need.

This can include ownership records, property value estimates, info about zoning and air rights, etc.

Some MLS services provide these details and others don’t so having another tool like this at your disposal can really help out.

Many of these tools I got from my realtor friend who sells condos and family homes in Oxford MS.

Hope it’ll help out a little bit!

Essential Apps For Windows 7 For Lawyers


Lately I’ve been helping a lawyer friend of mine learn how to use Windows 7 for his business.

He specializes in many forms of law that are situated under the defense attorney niche in oxford ms located at

Of course he’s been using a computer all of his life for projects under microsoft word and excel, but he needed help keeping his workflow efficient and organized.

Family law requires lots of attention to detail as this area of the law needs plenty of documentation on all the matters relating to couples wanting a divorce, an agreement over child custody, or how to handle the many delicate matters surrounding child support.

For instance, it’s been very hard for him to listen to all of his notes on the voice recorder he uses for his clients so he had his assistant sign up for an evernote account which can help keep these documents in order.

And with the evernote program on his windows 7 desktop, he can go to these whenever he wants quickly and easily.

There are many other apps a lawyer can use to easily communicate with clients and move the case forward like Dropbox and the Goodreader App that helps sync all your law documents to it, Documents To Go, LogMeIn, and FastCase.

I first heard about these apps after reading this article at the aba journal.

Documents To Go allows my lawyer friend to install an app on his computer in windows 7 that lets you access everything on your pc when you’re away from it.

LogMeIn does the same thing except it helps when there is software that’s only for PC, and you need to get into it immediately from your phone.

GoodReader is an app that automatically syncs all my friend’s important briefs, pleadings, etc. into Dropbox.

All of these apps combined have helped him boost his family law services simply because he has a lot more time now!

This way, he can take on new clients, get their needs met quickly, and not spend every waking moment at his office.

I’m focusing on apps mostly in this article because as of now its 2015, and many programs will be slow or not feasible to use on windows 7.

But I also know that it’s hard to move your entire workflow over to a new system like Yosemite for Mac or Window’s latest update.

All that matters most of the time is that the computer keeps working and that a lawyer can easily access his documents as quickly as possible.

With these apps, you’ll be able to keep your computer working as it is while updating it for modern technology used in iPhones and Android compatible smart phones.

Your clients are depending on you after all to make sure their lives are as undisturbed as possible during the brutal process of divorce and attempting to look for suitable solutions to their child custody issues.

And I doubt that they’ll take the excuse of “windows 7 was running slow” as a good enough reason that you couldn’t fix their problems in time, especially if they’ve already paid for a retainer.

If you’d like to see my friend’s site, you can go over here to and see how basic he’s made his site all from windows 7. Yet it still works fine!